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I’m your committed partner in building a bridge to your success.

The Dynamic Life Solutions approach to change comes from a holistic perspective that takes into account all the domains and demands of your busy life.  Core values, bottom line needs and unspoken dreams cut across our personal and professional worlds; what happens within our family influences our performance at work and the demands of the work environment impact our home lives.

“Kimberly is a high-energy, resourceful, and competent with a knack for getting to the core of what is holding individuals back from what they want to achieve, and then causing breakthroughs to make most anything possible. She takes on her own life in a similar way: refining her own vision and making it reality. Very few people in my life have impressed me as much as Kimberly. She sets the bar high and challenges us all to meet it! When you work with Kimberly, be ready to bring your A game!”  David V, President/CEO, Health Claim Resources, LLC

Dynamic Life Solutions

Created especially for both organizations and individuals:

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Inner Journey Intensive: Nov 3-6, 2016

Held at The Land Celebration in Gore, VA. The Inner Journey is a 3 1/2-day residential program intended to support you in powerfully and dramatically transforming the quality of your life. The Inner Journey Intensive's unique multi-dimensional approach is drawn from years of experience and research into a wide range of personal development, philosophical and spiritual practices.  Your experience at the Inner Journey Intensive will have you connect to intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of yourself that you may never have experienced before. To learn more go to www.innerjourneydc.org.

Dynamic Choices for Women: tbd

DCW has been designed to support women in finding professional and personal fulfillment while working in more traditional environments. Our intention is to support women at every stage in their careers in making informed choices, while offering options and coaching to achieve wholenes in their lives as professional women. This 4-part curriculum is focused on planting the seed for women to gain clarify and power in relation to their values and choices.